• Types of D&O Coverage for Non-Profits

    Is Group Health Insurance in Your Nonprofit’s Budget?

    If you run a non-profit, offering health insurance to your employees may seem like a decision that’s out of your budget. With limited access to capital, it’s normal for small non-profit organizations to feel hard-pressed to offer or maintain health insurance coverage for their employees, even though health insurance coverage is an excellent tool for […]

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    Deductibles on Your Nonprofit’s Group Health Insurance

    If you’re shopping for group health insurance for your non-profit’s employees, one of the most important factors in the price of the policy is the deductible each employee is responsible for. The deductible is simply the amount of money an insured individual must pay out-of-pocket before the insurance provider will pay the remaining bills. Watch […]

  • Insurance Protection for Directors and Officers

    Why Your Organization’s Directors and Officers Need Insurance Protection

    Non-profits perform a valuable service for countless numbers of people all around the world. Unfortunately, the good deeds of the directors and officers of non-profit organizations isn’t enough to protect them from litigation. Whenever you are involved in making decisions that affect other people or organizations, those decisions can come back to haunt you if […]

  • Group Health Insurance

    Tips for Choosing Your Non-Profit Group Health Policy

    Although non-profit organizations are not obligated to provide healthcare benefits for part-time or full-time employees, there numerous advantages to purchasing a group health policy. For one, providing your employees with benefits will help you attract the best and brightest talent. Healthcare benefits may also reduce turnover. Healthy and happy employees are also usually more productive […]