Church Insurance FAQ


Roughly 20 percent of Americans regularly attend either church or synagogue. Many of those religious organizations are small and somewhat donation-dependent. That’s why, if you are a church, synagogue, or other religious organization, it’s wise to invest in church insurance. Regardless of your organization’s size, church insurance protects you against a wide array of concerns beyond what a traditional commercial or private property insurance plan would cover. Gross & Company Insurance assembled some of the most frequent questions we answer from congregations and religious leaders. Read below for more information.

Q. Why Should I Purchase Church Insurance?

Non-profit insurance companies like Gross & Company Insurance must approach the unique concerns and problems faced by religious institutions differently to find solutions. Because churches are non-profits, they need extra protection from liability and acts of God that other organizations don’t. Your church, synagogue, or religious institution may very well rely on generous donations to keep the lights on, so insurance is a small price to pay for protection. We highly encourage you to look into church insurance in addition to, or in replacement of, your existing insurance coverage.

Q. What Kind of Insurance Should My Church Buy?

Church insurance covers the the basics: fire, flood, wind, hail, and earth movement. It also includes liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Which one you choose depends on your risk exposure and what kind of protection you need. We’re glad to speak to your institution to find out what’s important to you and how we can help. One important thing to note: Our organization works for you, not an insurance company, and we understand the needs of churches and synagogues across the company.

Q. Which of My Assets Are Protected By Church Insurance?

Just as with the property insurance on your home, church insurance includes protection against damages. However, church insurance goes further than that. It’s a specialized branch of insurance specifically designed for religious organizations of all kinds. We’re proud to be one of the few companies that provide this service. Pastors, rabbis, and boards of directors all share a common desire to protect their sanctuaries, temples, chapels, and cathedrals. This branch of insurance also indemnifies your organization if any party makes sexual abuse or assault allegations against a member of your institution.

Q. What Should I Be Looking for in an Insurance Company?

First and foremost, churches, synagogues, and other religious organizations want a personalized approach from their insurance provider. Too often, insurance can seem impersonal and disaffected. More importantly, church insurance is highly specialized. Gross & Company Insurance is one of the few nationwide companies that understands the ins and outs of church insurance. We have years of experience working in the non-profit insurance field, and we’re thrilled to work with you and your religious institution.

Q. Will My Premiums Be Higher Than Commercial Properties?

Sometimes church insurance premiums are higher than their commercial counterparts. Church buildings are different than commercial properties. For instance, many churches are old buildings that require extensive maintenance and are more susceptible to storm damage. We also take the replacement cost value into account. For instance, parishioners have emotional attachment to your church. For that reason, church insurance is more than assets and brick and motor. Our insurance services take that emotional connection into account.

Q. How Important is Insurance If I Use Volunteers?

Very. Church insurance from Gross & Company Insurance includes workers’ compensation protection. However, volunteers can’t recoup these benefits if they are injured while on your property. While it may be unlikely that one of your volunteers would take legal action against your church in the case of an injury, it’s still crucial to make sure your insurance protects you. Church insurance is unique in that volunteer insurance is folded into liability insurance.

Q. I Own a Religious School? Do I Need a Separate Policy?

If your church also owns a school, then there should be no problem adding the school to your general liability policy. However, schools that rent space in your religious institution must pay for their insurance separately from yours. Also, you should make sure all non-owned and rented vehicles are covered.

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Gross & Company Insurance wants to emphasize the importance of liability insurance for your religious institution. Liability coverage protects your church, synagogue, or other organization from damages caused by a wide range of events. We cover non-owned and hired automobiles, liability for pastors, rabbis, directors, officers, and trustees. Our extensive church insurance covers employment practices and employee benefits, as well. We aim to provide an all-inclusive insurance experience for our trusted customers. To learn how we can help your religious institution, contact us today.

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