• D & O Insurance

    Liability Insurance for Churches, Synagogues and Mosques

    General liability insurance protects anyone who is harmed in any way after stepping foot in your church, synagogue or mosque. Cover the costs of accident-related injuries and protect the reputation of your organization through insurance coverage. Why Get It? Any nonprofit organization, regardless of how sacred it is, faces the threats of lawsuits. In a […]

  • Non-profit Insurance

    Insurance for Non-profit Organizations

    Non-profit organizations are run by people with a particular skill set and special heart. They are not known to generate loads of funds. Most of the time, they work under a very tight budget. However, just like any other organization, non-profit organizations need insurance. Here are some of the reasons why: 1. Non-profit organizations have […]

  • Contractor's Liability-Insurance

    Contractors Liability Insurance

    Will I need insurance when working as an independent contractor? The shortest answer to this question is “yes.” Whether you work as a plumber, snow plow, mechanic, handyman, painter, landscaper, electrician, carpenter, or field service technician, you need to obtain contractor’s liability insurance coverage. The current workplace environment makes it a requirement for contractors to […]

  • liability insurance policy

    Importance of Liability Insurance for Non-profit organizations

    Every business needs excellent liability coverage, especially if it is a non-profit organization. While the mission of most non-profits is to give support to clients and projects, accidents do happen. It is imperative to have a liability policy with adequate coverage to keep the non-profit from losing all of its assets in a lawsuit. General […]

  • D & O Insurance

    What Is D&O Insurance Coverage?

    D&O insurance, better known as directors and officers insurance, is a type of liability protection that specifically covers a company’s directors and executives. It also protects the company and can cover legal fees, settlements and damages. If the directors or officers are personally placed on a lawsuit, this policy will cover them. Who Needs D&O […]

  • liability insurance policy

    What Is Errors & Omissions Insurance?

    Errors and omissions insurance is a form of professional liability insurance meant to protect businesses against claims of negligence or inadequate work. More specifically, negligence can refer to advising a client that a certain business strategy should be used even if you know that the venture’s got too high of a risk. If you get […]

  • liability insurance policy

    Types of Business Liability Insurance

    Business insurance is a way of protecting you and your business from financial loss in the case of a crisis or an accident. It is highly recommended that business owners apply for insurance to assist in covering costs related to liability claims and property damage. The liability insurance you will choose will depend on the […]

  • Why does a Church need Insurance

    Churches, like any other place that holds large audiences, can be liable for accidents and more. People may think places of worship cannot be held accountable for actions that take place on their grounds, but this is a misconception. In addition to church services, the grounds are used for many other reasons: weddings, special events, […]

  • Group Health Insurance

    What Non-Profits Need to Know about Group Health Insurance

    What Non-Profits Need to Know about Group Health Insurance Although non-profit organizations are not obligated to provide benefits for part-time employees, offering health insurance to your part-time and full-time employees is a great way to show your appreciation. You may also want to offer health insurance to avoid a penalty under the Affordable Care Act. […]

  • Understanding D&O Insurance Exclusions

    Understanding D&O Insurance Exclusions

    Like the officers and directors of for-profit companies, the officers and directors of non-profit organizations have fiduciary responsibilities. This means that non-profit board members may be required to defend themselves against claims of wrongful or tortious conduct, and may also face substantial liability exposure. D&O insurance in New York City can certainly limit the risk for […]