• Defining D&O Coverage

    Are you a nonprofit organization looking for D&O insurance in New York City or any other city in the U.S.? At Gross & Company Insurance, we specialize in providing nonprofit insurance such as directors and officers insurance—also known as D&O coverage. To learn more about what D&O coverage entails, watch this video clip. To explain […]

  • Understanding the Types of D&O Coverage for Non-Profits

    Directors and officers liability insurance, also known as D&O insurance, is considered one of the most important types of insurance for nonprofits. Officers and directors of nonprofit boards have special responsibilities, such as the duty of care and the duty of loyalty, to advance the charitable goals of the nonprofit and protect their assets. Any […]

  • The Non-Profit’s Guide to the Affordable Care Act and Group Health Insurance

    Did you know that, according to the Council of Nonprofits, more than 10 percent of workers in the United States are employed by a tax-exempt nonprofit employer? If you are an employer at a nonprofit organization, then you already know how important health insurance benefits are to attracting and retaining employees. In this article, we […]

  • How Do Non-Profits Qualify for the Small Business Insurance Tax Credits

    These days, many prospective employees interviewing at multiple companies want to see that insurance benefits are part of the employment package. If you are an employer at a nonprofit organization, purchasing group nonprofit insurance can help your organization attract and retain employees. Fortunately, there is a tax credit available to some nonprofit organizations that helps […]

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  • A Look at Specific Liability Insurance Needs for Non-Profit Organizations

    As the head of a non-profit organization, you make it your life’s work to take care of others. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect to take care of yourself. In the event that your organization is sued, liability insurance will protect you and the non-profit from financial ruin. Here is a look at the […]