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Gross & Company Insurance Offers Insurance for Religious Institutions

Since 1925, Gross & Company Insurance has been helping religious organizations throughout Passaic, New Jersey, and the surrounding area find the right insurance to protect their place of worship. As with most other insurance types, there is no one-size-fits-all policy, and the same applies to religious insurance as well. The team at Gross & Company Insurance has the knowledge and experience to find the right plan at the right price to protect your church, synagogue, or other place of worship. We specialize in offering coverage to nonprofit organizations to help keep their church, worshippers, and employees protected from lawsuits and claims. Speak with an agent today to learn more about our insurance types and to find the right coverage for your religious organization.

Insurance Coverage Options

The good intentions of your religious organization will not protect you from lawsuits or litigation. Instead, you can call on the agents of Gross & Company Insurance to find the right type of insurance coverage for your religious organization. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of coverage options from the top insurance companies in the industry, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the insurance you need to protect your church or synagogue. Our team provides the following coverage options:

  • General Liability (Including Sexual Abuse and Molestation) – General Liability Insurance protects your parishioners, church employees, and volunteers from injuries as well as reputation damage while on the premises.
  • Property – With Property Insurance, you’re covered if any of your organization’s property is damaged.
  • Directors and Officers – Directors and Officers Insurance will protect your church or synagogue officials from certain claims.
  • Employment Practices Liability – There are hundreds of employment-related laws. To help keep you protected against an employee lawsuit, we recommend Employment Practices Liability.
  • Equipment Breakdown – If your church or synagogue utilizes music as part of the service, it’s important to ensure your expensive audio/ visual equipment is protected.
  • Computer Property – With Computer Property Insurance, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that if your systems fail, the cost of fixing or replacing it will be covered.
  • Money and Securities – With Money and Securities Insurance, any money that has been stolen, disappears, or destroyed will be covered.
  • Valuable Papers and Records – Many places of worship contain important documents. Ensure they are protected with Valuable Papers and Records Insurance.

With insurance coverage from Gross & Company Insurance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your organization has the insurance it needs when the time comes. Contact our team today to get an instant quote for your church or synagogue.

Property Insurance

Property Insurance from Gross & Company Insurance will protect your church or other places of worship in the event of property damage to your church’s property, including:

  • Pastor’s personal property
  • Equipment such as computers, boilers, and electrical equipment
  • Church kitchens and cooking equipment
  • Newly acquired church property and even off-premise property

General Liability

General liability insurance from Gross & Company Insurance will help protect your church from actions that could leave your organization liable for damage to others, such as injuries, property, or reputation. It’s crucial that you find the right insurance to help keep you and your organization protected. If someone claims any level of harm, you can feel confident that your general liability plan will protect you. Your general liability coverage will usually cover the costs of defense litigation.

Religious and Non-Profit Insurance Experts

When you require religious insurance, call upon the experts at Gross & Company Insurance. Our dedicated agents provide you with comprehensive coverage at a fair price to help keep you and your religious organization protected. Since 1925, we have been helping individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations find the right insurance for their needs. Our knowledgeable team will work to understand your liabilities and needs so that they can offer the right coverage for your religious organization. As a service-oriented firm, we always put our customers first. Contact us today to get started with an instant insurance quote from one of our experts.

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As Passaic, New Jersey’s premier insurance agency, our agents have the skills, knowledge, and experience to match you with the right insurance coverage for your church or synagogue. Our comprehensive insurance options can be customized to provide you with the appropriate coverage type and amount to ensure the protection of your religious organization. With policies that include protection for your property, reputation, volunteers, employees, and much more, you can feel confident that your house of worship is adequately protected. Our team of agents is here to provide you the knowledge and insight to find the right insurance policy. Contact Gross & Company Insurance today to speak with an agent, and get started with your free instant quote on church or synagogue insurance coverage.

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