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Religion is important to many Americans with about 20% of the American population attending church each week. Protect the needs of your religious organization with the right type of insurance coverage. Our agents are committed to helping you find a reliable insurance plan that offers the protection you need and make things right if the unexpected strikes at your church or synagogue. Whether you run a church, synagogue, temple or other type of religious organization we can help you protect the organizations assets as well as your congregants with a church insurance policy.

We work for you – not the insurance company. We offer client focused advice and competitive insurance rates.

Our Church Insurance Coverage Includes:

get an instant insurance quoteOur broad package provides comprehensive religious organization insurance coverage for:

  • General Liability, including Sexual Abuse and Molestation
  • Property
  • Directors and Officers
  • Employment Practices Liability

Churches and other religious organizations have become increasingly susceptible to lawsuits and claims for false accusations or inappropriate behavior. We offer multiple coverage options to cover a wide variety of risks. You can get an instant quote in minutes and then discuss any additional questions with one of our agents to ensure you obtain proper insurance coverage for any possible exposures.

Why Choose Gross & Company Insurance as Your Religious Organization Insurance Agency?

At Gross & Company Insurance, we specialize in providing quality insurance coverage for religious and non-profit organizations. A few of the things that make us stand apart from other insurance agencies are:

  • We provide our clients with competitive and fair insurance prices
  • We work for you, not an insurance company
  • We provide client-focused advice

When you work with Gross Insurance, you can rest assured that you have adequate coverage at a competitive price. Our office is located in Manhattan but we can provide insurance coverage to religious organizations across the United States.

What is Church Insurance?

Church insurance is different than other types of insurance coverage as it is a specialized package of insurance coverages specifically designed for religious organizations. Synagogue insurance, temple insurance, chapel insurance, cathedral insurance are all included under the wide umbrella of a church insurance policy. Because this type of insurance is highly specialized only a limited number of companies offer it.

We offer both religious liability insurance and property insurance coverage with several special coverage options that are unique to the needs of churches and other religious organizations.

Property Insurance for Churches

Property insurance for your church and religious oragnization protects and insures assets such as church buildings, contents, signs, property in the open, and fences. Don’t let your ministry suffer financially or in any other way when your organizations property is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen. Property insurance coverage covers standard items along with many non-standard items such as:

  • Pastor’s personal property
  • Equipment such as computers, boilers, and electrical equipment
  • Church kitchens and cooking equipment
  • Newly acquired church property and even insure off-premise property

Our insurance coverage for churches and other religious organizations takes your unique needs into account. We represent a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable companies and we place your policy with the best company for your organization. If you have a loss, we ensure you get fair, prompt payment.

General Liability Insurance for Churches

While property insurance covers the things you own, liability insurance covers actions that could leave your religious organization liable for damage to others such as injuries, property or reputation. Because churches have become increasingly susceptible to lawsuits and claims for false accusations or inappropriate behavior, it is best to protect your organization with liability insurance coverage. If someone claims any level of harm, you want this type of coverage to fall back on.

Optional coverages are available for a wide range of risks. Discuss any possible exposures with one of our agents to ensure that you get property protection and liability coverage. Some of these include:

  • Non-owned and hired auto
  • Pastoral liability insurance coverage
  • Directors, officers, and trustees
  • Employment practices
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Abuse & molestation coverage
  • Employee benefits

In addition to paying damages for the injured party, your general liability coverage policy usually covers defense costs for litigation. The recommended coverage amount for churches is at least $1 million. Call one of our agents today or get an instant quote online in only a few minutes.

Why Choose Us?

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