• A Business Owner’s Guide to Auto Insurance

    A Business Owner’s Guide to Auto Insurance

    As a business owner, you need the same insurance coverage (if not more) for the cars, trucks, and vans in your fleet as you do for your personal vehicles. Most general liability insurance plans for businesses and non-profits don’t typically provider coverage for vehicles, so you must purchase auto insurance separately. To help protect your […]

  • A Guide to Insurance for Nonprofits

    A Guide to Insurance for Nonprofits [INFOGRAPHIC]

    As a nonprofit, your organization may have different goals than your for-profit counterparts, but you share the same risks. Nonprofit status doesn’t reduce your exposure to property damage expenses or even lawsuits against your directors and officers. This is why having the right kind of group nonprofit insurance is so important. You need policies to […]

  • Learning the Basics of Business Insurance

    Even if your organization is not-for-profit, you can still benefit from something called business insurance. Basically, business insurance is any umbrella liability insurance policy that protects your organization and key executive members in the event of financial difficulty or loss. Examples of business insurance include Business Auto Liability, Employee Benefits Liability, Sexual Harassment Liability, and […]