A Guide to Insurance for Nonprofits [INFOGRAPHIC]

A Guide to Insurance for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit, your organization may have different goals than your for-profit counterparts, but you share the same risks. Nonprofit status doesn’t reduce your exposure to property damage expenses or even lawsuits against your directors and officers. This is why having the right kind of group nonprofit insurance is so important. You need policies to cover your property, worker’s compensation, general liability, and auto insurance. One of the most crucial forms of coverage for a nonprofit to have its directors and officers liability insurance. D&O insurance helps your nonprofit pay the costs of defending your board members from charges associated with their handling of the organization. Learn more in this infographic from Gross & Company Insurance, offering group nonprofit insurance in New York City. Share this information with your board and other nonprofits to ensure that everyone has the right protection when striving to realize their missions.


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