Importance of Liability Insurance for Non-profit organizations

liability insurance policy

Every business needs excellent liability coverage, especially if it is a non-profit organization. While the mission of most non-profits is to give support to clients and projects, accidents do happen. It is imperative to have a liability policy with adequate coverage to keep the non-profit from losing all of its assets in a lawsuit.

General liability policies for non-profits provide coverage for a variety of common accidents. If your non-profit agency has an office that is open to the public, you may be held liable for injuries due to a slip and fall accident or other unforeseen events on the property. Non-profits need protection from lawsuits not just from its clients but also from vendors and delivery workers.

Charitable events and fundraisers are an important part of many non-profits. It is equally important to ensure you have liability coverage in place before inviting guests to a sponsored event. When you invite guests to an event you must prepare for the worst-case scenario. No matter how carefully the fundraiser is planned accidents do occur, and liability coverage is the best way to keep your non-profit solvent.

General liability coverage can help pay for the medical bills of the injured party, legal fees, settlements and attorney fees. The policy may cover damage or theft of property belonging to the client or guest. The coverage may extend to advertising infringement such as copyright issues, slander or libel.

Keep your non-profit safe from financial ruin due to a negligence lawsuit. General liability insurance is the protection every non-profit needs to keep the business going strong in case of unforeseen events.

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