• Myths about Insurance for Nonprofits

    Myths about Insurance for Nonprofits

    If you oversee a nonprofit organization, it’s crucial that you work with an insurance company in New York City that specializes in providing insurance coverage for nonprofits . There are a lot of myths surrounding insurance and nonprofits, many of which are commonly accepted despite the prevailing evidence against such misinformation. One of the most […]

  • Selecting Your Nonprofit Board Members

    Board members are tasked with overseeing the continued success of an organization. These individuals are particularly crucial to nonprofit organizations, which typically operate on a smaller budget and do not have as steady income streams as for-profit companies. When selecting board members, try to find individuals who will fit best within the organization and bring […]

  • What Kind of Cases Can D&O Insurance Protect Against?

    Property insurance can protect your nonprofit organization should you experience a fire flood, or another natural disaster. General liability insurance is key if volunteer trips and suffers a fracture at your offices. D&O insurance may prove invaluable for a wider range of unanticipated events, such as the following scenarios. If you do not currently have directors […]

  • Insurance Needs of a Nonprofit?

    What Are the Insurance Needs of a Nonprofit?

    Nonprofit insurance in New York City can be very similar to the liability insurance necessary for a commercial enterprise. Like a major corporation, nonprofits typically have physical locations and employees. Because buildings can suffer damage, and employees can get hurt on the job, nonprofit insurance companies often recommend both property insurance and workers compensation insurance. […]

  • How to Inspire Your Nonprofit Board

    A successful nonprofit organization depends on many components, including its board of directors and D&O liability insurance . This video discusses how to get the most from your board members to elevate your nonprofit organization. An effective nonprofit board is one that feels empowered and encouraged to apply their know-how and skill toward strengthening the […]

  • A Non-Profit’s Guide to D&O Coverage

    A Non-Profit’s Guide to D&O Coverage

    As if running a successful non-profit organization wasn’t hard enough, you and your colleagues have to constantly be wary of legal actions from individuals and other organizations. To prevent a lawsuit from destroying you and your non-profit, purchase directors and officers (D&O) insurance from a reputable insurance firm in New York City. D&O insurance is […]

  • Eligibility of Non-Profits for a Health Insurance Tax Credit?

    Are Non-Profits Eligible for a Health Insurance Tax Credit?

    Although non-profits are not required to purchase health insurance for employees, your organizations is eligible to purchase health insurance through state-specific “SHOP” programs which aim to make it easier for smaller workplaces to find affordable health insurance options. Additionally, federal legislation gives non-profits with fewer than 25 employees the right to receive a Small Business […]

  • What is Professional Liability Insurance?

    Tips for Shopping for Group Health Coverage for Your Non-Profit

    Although non-profit organizations are no obligated to provide health benefits for part-time and full-time employees, offering health insurance is a great way to give back to the men and women who help your organization thrive. Healthcare benefits are also vital if you want to attract and retain the best talent possible. And while it may […]

  • We Make It Easy

    What is Group Health Insurance?

    Group health insurance is an umbrella health insurance policy that includes all eligible members of a specific group. Most often these policies are purchased for employees. A group health insurance policy is your standard medical plan, and works the same as individual health insurance. Watch this short video and listen to an insurance broken explain […]

  • Defining D&O Coverage

    Are you a nonprofit organization looking for D&O insurance in New York City or any other city in the U.S.? At Gross & Company Insurance, we specialize in providing nonprofit insurance such as directors and officers insurance—also known as D&O coverage. To learn more about what D&O coverage entails, watch this video clip. To explain […]