• Types of Organizations That Need Non-Profit Insurance

    What Types of Organizations Need Non-Profit Insurance?

    The short answer: Every non-profit organization needs insurance coverage. Regardless of your organization’s aim or size, liability insurance is a safeguard against financial ruin that can possibly shut down your non-profit for good. That’s why non-profit insurance providers in New York City work all sorts of charitable organizations, including religious institutions, schools, medical health centers, […]

  • Gross & Company Insurance Logo

    Spotlight on Personal Insurance by Gross & Company

    Gross & Company has made a name for itself as the most trusted nonprofit insurance provider in New York City, but nonprofit organizations aren’t the only ones who benefit from Gross & Company’s insurance expertise—you can benefit, too! Gross & Company offers personal insurance policies from some of the most reputable insurance companies in the […]

  • Rising Claims for Non-Profit D&O Coverage

    The board of a nonprofit faces the same risk of personal financial loss as the directors and officers of privately-held corporations. Financial-based claims can come from many different claimants, and it’s not unusual to see seven-figure losses resulting from such claims made against directors and officers of corporations and nonprofits. Although this video was intended […]

  • The Importance of Liability Insurance for Non-Profit Organizations

    As your nonprofit grows, so too does the number of problems your organization will face. That’s why one of the most important steps in creating a successful, wide-reaching nonprofit is to purchase nonprofit liability insurance. A nonprofit insurance policy will help your organization stay afloat in the event of an injury, accident, or in the […]

  • Back To Basics

    Understanding the Basics of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

    Most nonprofits understand the value and importance of general liability insurance, especially given the litigious nature of our country. Unfortunately, the same can’t always be said about Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance. The men and women who run nonprofit organizations are just as likely to face litigation as board members of for-profit corporations, but very […]

  • Tips for Managing Your Nonprofit Board Meetings

    Aspects of business such as nonprofit insurance in New York City can be crucial to the success and longevity of your organization. It is for this reason that these types of decisions must be made with the utmost care and consideration from everyone who is involved in making the choice. Watch this video for a […]

  • Insurance Risk Management Strategies for Nonprofits

    Insurance Risk Management Strategies for Nonprofits

    In order to gain a reward, you will often be required to take some sort of risk; when it comes to  nonprofit insurance in New York City, however, your risk should always be minimized. Insurance for nonprofits can exist without the risk as long as you construct an effective risk management strategy for your organization. Keep […]

  • Side A D&O Coverage

    What Is Side A D&O Coverage?

    In order for any kind of organization to stay afloat and continue to provide a service to the community, it must be staffed with quality employees; this typically includes both directors and officers. This brings up the prospect of directors and officers liability insurance in New York City; while some organizations deem this nonprofit insurance […]

  • Insuring Directors And Officers

    Should Your Nonprofit Insure Your Directors and Officers?

    While some people believe that nonprofit organizations are exempt from lawsuits due to charitable immunity, the reality is that nonprofit insurance in New York City is very important for both the organization and its directors and officers. Although D&O insurance may not be necessary in every case, it can be a very important element in […]

  • Important Questions to Ask When Selecting a D&O Insurance Policy

    Important Questions to Ask When Selecting a D&O Insurance Policy

    Non-profit organizations do a lot of good for a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean can’t be sued or held financially responsible for loss or personal injury. For the men and women who oversee these organizations, directors and officers insurance (D&O) provides protection against litigation and personal financial ruin. D&O insurance policies in New […]