Breaking Down D&O Insurance [INFOGRAPHIC]

D&O Insurance 101

Most non-profit companies have general liability insurance, but many don’t know that this kind of insurance still leaves them vulnerable. Without directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, or D&O insurance, company directors and officers can be personally sued and held liable in lawsuits against the non-profit. There is a long list of reasons why directors and officers could be sued, ranging from misrepresentation of company assets to harassment of volunteers or employees. Liability insurance will not protect the personal assets of your directors and officers, which is why many people demand D&O insurance when they are hired. Find out more about D&O insurance in this infographic from Gross & Company Insurance in New York City. For affordable non-profit insurance and a D&O insurance quote, contact our offices.

Please share this useful information with other non-profit groups so they too can be shielded from the risks associated with legal costs and settlements.

Breaking Down D&O Insurance Infographic

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